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The College of Law


At the College of Law of the WSPiA University of Rzeszów, single master's degree studies in law are conducted. Our aim is to prepare you to pass the application exam and to take up legal practice, among others: prosecution, judging, advocacy, legal adviser and notary public. This is accomplished, among other things, by classes conducted in the form of workshops and practical labs, as well as classes in the Law Clinic. As part of your application training, you will have the opportunity to attend free seminars and courses to prepare for the entrance examinations for the various applications.

However, based on many years of analysis, we know that not all law graduates decide to take up apprenticeships, so the study programme also includes subjects that will prepare you for work in widely understood offices, government and local government units, tax advisory offices, banks, insurance companies, as well as in uniformed formations (police, municipal guards, border guards, customs service, army). Having a well-equipped Forensic Laboratory, we have an excellent base for conducting classes in the form of workshops, e.g. in dactyloscopy (examination and disclosure of fingerprints), operation of a lie detector (variograph) and many other specialist areas of forensic science and criminology. Classes are taught by experienced professionals. By studying with us, you have the chance to become a forensic technician, expert witness or detective.

Law is also an excellent field for those who dream of a career as a diplomat, international officer, or people who want to dedicate themselves to work in international governmental and non-governmental organisations. For years, the WSPiA University of Rzeszów has been involved in the promotion and popularisation of human rights, taking part in initiatives organised by, among others, Human Rights Watch (a festival of films about human rights), debates, conferences, Amnesty International (an action of writing letters in defence of people whose rights have been violated).

During your studies, you can participate in the work of the Law Clinic, which is one of the largest in Poland, gaining the knowledge and skills necessary for your future professional work. The Law Clinic has the status of an independent organisational unit, thanks to which you will gain experience such as that of working in a professional law firm of solicitors or barristers. You will be prepared to solve specific legal problems under the guidance of experienced practitioners, as well as gaining experience valued by employers. You will also have the opportunity to take part in simulated court hearings, so you will learn the practicalities of participating in criminal and civil trials. For students serving clients within the Law Clinic, additional training is provided to enhance their competences in the areas of mediation, arbitration, forensic psychology, etc.

In the study plan, we place particular emphasis on practical classes in order to equip you as much as possible not only with knowledge, but also with skills and competences that will allow you to pass the examination for your dream application. Apart from the Law Clinic, from the second to the end of the fifth year of studies, all law students attend workshops in small groups (4-5 persons) where they solve case studies under the guidance of practitioners (judges, prosecutors, attorneys, notaries). Another innovative solution is our offer of PRACTICAL LAW STUDIES, i.e. a series of classes with, among

others, judges, attorneys, notaries and public prosecutors, whose aim is to prepare you in the best possible way for the examination for the following types of applications: judicial, public prosecution, advocacy, legal adviser, notary and judicial officer. During the apprenticeship programme you will systematise the knowledge you have acquired during your studies. By solving tests, you will find out what your chances are of passing the application exam after graduation. You will find out which areas you are strong at and which areas of law require more in-depth knowledge and to what extent. The application pathway is a free additional offer for students interested in passing the law apprenticeship.

I invite you to study law

mgr. Ewa Kojder-Pawluś